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As you will quickly discover as you look around, I am a creative person. I dabble in a number of different methods of expressing my thoughts, convictions, and passions. I have a deep-seated belief that we are all creative because we were made in the image of the  Creator of the universe (God Almighty).  I also believe that we all have the capacity to grow, learn, and stretch into new ways of expressing our creativity and honor our life's stories in the process.

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I love playing with graphic design. It is part of my job but it also an incredible way to express yourself if you can't draw or paint (which I can't). Each month, I'm offering a set of free digital downloads for you to use on social media or as a smart phone or tablet wallpaper to encourage you and make you smile. Some of them will feature INCREDIBLY talented artists & photographers that I have the pleasure of calling friends. It is my gift to you. God knows that if we are going to have our faces stuck to our devices for most of our days, then we should at least have something to look at that inspires us, right?  

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